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About Vura Investment Services

Serving Investors Since 1987.
It all starts with you in mind!

There are a wide range of investment choices. We focus on your life circumstances and your situation. While some financial professionals may focus on the numbers and confusing analysis. We focus on building a long term personal advisory relationship. The individualized attention that we devote to you is what sets us apart!

How do we accomplish this?

First, we meet to conduct an in-depth review of your current account assets and holdings.

Second, we discuss your personal financial situation, such as your current income, future income needs, approach to savings and investing—both before & after retirement, expenses, lifestyle changes—both before & after retirement and family needs. In addition, we closely consider your goals with issues such as: Where do you intend to live after retirement? How would you like to live during your retirement years? How much will you travel? Will you have other family members to help care for? What type of care may you need in the future? How do you anticipate meeting your expenses, after retirement? How do you wish to plan your Estate? What are the tax implications of leaving assets to your Heirs?

We consider and discuss any matters that you feel are important to your personal situation that may directly or indirectly have an impact upon your finances!

Third, after an analysis of your accounts and our discussions related to your life situation, then we make suggestions that address your financial needs. At this point, it is critically important to place each investment into proper perspective and the appropriate context to which it applies to your personal & financial situation. Moreover, we assist in the complete implementation of your new accounts. Additionally, we conduct any necessary follow through.

Fourth, now that we know one another, we continue to help you with your accounts. We also monitor your investment accounts and conduct periodic reviews.

It all starts with you in mind and it continues to be about you!

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